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SEO ranks your website higher on search engines, which lets your customers in your niche visit your website instead of your competitors.

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What can SEO bring to my business?

SEO is a big topic, and as Google updates its ranking algorithm constantly, the learning is continuous every year. You want to avoid Black Hat SEO due to the fact that Google is hammering hardly on those cheats — you may have heard of Keyword Stacking, Link Farming, etc.

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The Fight: SEO vs PPC

We know SEO and PPC can be confusing sometimes, so here we hosted a battle from six most compared aspects.

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At Jcode, we keep our knowledge base fresh, so that we are not only providing solution that will work, but also keeps your business away from Google’s punishment.

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Total returns
Benchmark: 80%


Benchmark: 9%


Benchmark: 90%


Benchmark: 1.2


Maximum drawdown
Benchmark: -85%

Monthly performance

It may appear to be a shock to some people, but PPC definitely has a higher conversion rate than SEO...why? Because of the landing page. Google doesn’t like a conversion intent page to be ranked high, but if it’s a paid ad, then the algorithm doesn’t apply, therefore a PPC with landing page converts much better than SEO.

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